My Current Obsessions: Skam, Riverdale & Classics | Amy


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Hey guys!

Today I want to give you a short update on my newest loves and obsessions. Every once in a while, I start reading a new type of books, new authors, or I start a new TV show, and sometimes I don’t really talk about those in blogposts, so I wanted to collect all of my current favourites in this new article. You might already know the new TV shows I watch because we already did first impressions on them, but right now I have already watched more than just the first few episodes so I can really say if I like them and what I like about them.

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Classics | May


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Hi there!

We’re very sorry for not posting the past weeks, but we’ve just had a creativity lack. We’re still not really over it, but I just missed writing wanted to post something, so I’m sorry if this is gonna be a short post.

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Gilmore Girls – TV Show Recommendation | Amy


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Hello guys!


May and I already mentioned the TV Show Gilmore Girls a lot in our previous blogposts, but we in fact never really explained what it is about, so I am going to do that today!

I will explain the main plot of the show to you and I’ll introduce you to the most important characters of the show, but I won’t say too much about everything so you can still watch it (so, no spoilers in this post!).

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Skam – First Impressions | May


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Hi there!

Lately, everyone has been freaking out about a norwegian TV show called “Skam”. Amy and another friend of mine have been telling me to watch it for ages, so I started it and I thought I’d share my first impressions and try to figure out what all the fuss is about.

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This Shattered World (These Broken Stars 2)– Book Review | Amy


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Hey everybody!


I recently finished another book and wanted to write a review about it for you. The book I read is “This Shattered World”, which is the second book in the Starbound Series by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. I already did a review on the first book in the series, “These Broken Stars”, which you should check out as well if you haven’t read it yet.

But as the second book has two new main characters, Jubilee and Flynn, I thought it would be interesting to have a review on it, even for the ones who haven’t read “These Broken Stars” yet.

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Shadowhunters S02E06 – Review | May


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Hey there!

Please stop reading right here if you haven’t watched episode 6 of Shadowhunters’ season 2 yet, ’cause this post will definitely contain spoilers!

Now, for those of you who have already watched episode 6: BY.THE.ANGEL.

This episode was just so amazing. I feel like season 2 is way better than season 1 and I also thinks it’s getting better each week. I’ll just get my thoughts and feelings for this week’s episode off my chest, ’cause it was a really special one…

1. The Iron Sisters:

As the titel of the episdoe indicates, we get to meet the Iron Sisters. At first, I was a bit critical, especially when I saw their fighting-thing in the beginning (which I thought was a bit funny) but pretty soon they convinced me that they’re total badass warriors.

And I really liked how they presented the citadel and the trial.

Oh, and then there also was sister Cleophas. Like, what the hell is up with all of that? Someone kill me if I’m wrong, but there is not third Graymark sibling in the books, right? Plus, I am so curious about what was going on in the end when she left the citadel…

2. Simon and Maia

Okay now, for all of us who have read the books, no matter what we ship in the end, Simon and Maia are really cute. I loved their connection this episode. It was just so good for both of them, since they all have so much going on right now. They just laughed so much and I think it was really good for both of them to meet someone new who they could relate to so well. I also loved getting to know Maia better and to learn more about her past, especially since I liked her so much in the books.

3. Clary

Clary really has a lot to deal with (just like anyone else, actually…but still :’D). She still has her mom’s death on her mind and she also has to think about Valentine and how to stop him, while she still hasn’t discovered all her abilities as a Shadowhunter.

4. Izzy

Seriously, how can they do this to us? I mean yin fen? Really? I don’t want Izzy to go through all of this. Being addicted to that damn drug and being blackmailed by Aldertree. She doesn’t deserve this. She just doesn’t. But at least she didn’t tell him anything. Stay strong, Izzy!

6. Magnus and Alec

Okay. Stay calm. We have waited for this to happen for sooooo long. I mean wasn’t this just beautiful? Even though I would have prefered to see all of the date without interruptions it was still perfect. I mean Alec and Magnus playing pool and just enjoying themselves, what could you possibly want more? I know, there were a few awkward Moments when it came to ex’s, especially if you have read the books and know how that will continue…but that just made Alec apologize later in Magnus’ loft, and we wouldn’t have wanted to miss that, right?

I hoped you liked my post. Please share any thoughts and feelings in the comments and see you next time!



The 100 Season 4 & Why I am not prepared for it | Amy

Hi everyone out there!


Although we haven’t posted a lot of blogposts about this show, “The 100” is one of May’s and my favourite TV Shows ever. I would even say it is my number 1 show of all times – and by now, I already watched a few shows and liked a lot of them, but no one was nearly as impressive and none of them has changed me as much as The 100 did.

Season 4 starts this week – like, a few hours after posting this!! And it was just last Friday that I realized that the new season was this close and that I am really not ready for it. So today, we’ll briefly go over everything again and we’ll also prepare for season 4!


Maybe not all of you know The 100 yet or you already heard about it, but you are not really sure what it’s about, so I will quickly explain it to you:

In the year 2052, nuclear weapons from all over the world were started and destroyed everything – more than 6.5 billion people died and the whole earth was radiated and no longer habitable. There were few survivors, who for example fled into space. Twelve space ships managed to escape the cataclysm and after a few years, they united and formed the “Ark”. But now, 97 years later, the air system on the Ark that provides them with oxygen doesn’t work anymore and there is only enough oxygen left to survive a few months. The government of the Ark has to find a solution, and they decide to send 100 young criminals down to earth to test whether the earth is still too radiated or if it is save to come “home”. But on their trip down, the little dropship of the 100 loses its connection to the Ark and suddenly, the 100 teenagers are on their own. But just a few hours later, they realize that they are not the only survivors of the nuclear apocalypse. There are other people, so called “Grounders” who are radiation-tolerant and who are able to live despite of the radiation. But these Grounders aren’t happy about the arrival of the Sky people and a huge war develops…


Now, I’d like to talk about the stuff we can expect from season 4: what did we see in the trailers, who is still alive, what will be the problems in the new season?

So please, if you haven’t watched all three seasons, then don’t continue reading this post because this contains huuuge spoilers for basically everything, especially for season three!


I guess we can all say that season three was extremely thrilling and it won’t be easy to top that. I actually hope they didn’t top it, because that would probably mean more death and more hopeless situations that just can’t end well. I heard a lot that they would go back to season one a little, though I don’t really know what they mean with it. What I could imagine is that they want to bring back the united Sky people (just like the 100 delinquents in the first season), I did really miss that in season three. Apart from the end when they searched for Luna, they were always in small groups and never worked together, Clarke was in Polis, Bellamy was completely on the wrong side and the rest was just suffering from different problems. Maybe they’ll reunite a little in the new season, I really hope to see that!

Something we probably all want to see in this season is Octavia. In the end of season three and also in the trailers we could see that she has a huge development and will use her grief and anger over Lincoln’s death to become a vengeful warrior – the Sky Ripper. I feel so sorry for Octavia because she suffered her whole life and now she loses another close person, maybe even closest person to her. But I have to say, I am so excited to see her as Sky Ripper and what we’ve already seen (her hair and make-up for example!) looks absolutely awesome!

Then, I am so thrilled to see how the Grounder Clans will deal with this situation: ALIE is defeated, but they don’t have a commander anymore because Ontari is dead, and apart from Luna, there are no other Nightbloods, so who is charge now? I guess Azgeda will try to win the power, and I actually can imagine King Roan on the throne – but how will he deal with Clarke and the Sky People? I can only assume things here, but I am sure this is going to be a really delicate matter.

And we shouldn’t forget this tiny detail ALIE told us in the last minutes of the finale… The earth is only going to be habitable for another sixth month. After that? Well, I guess everybody dies. Unless the 100 (or more, what is left of them) find a way to stop it – and it is really hard to stop a nuclear cataclysm, you can’t just make a deal with them like with Roan or Lexa, for example. I have no idea how you could fix that, my possible endings are either that everybody dies (not even unlikely for the 100) or that they “rebuild” the Ark and flee to space again, but I am not sure that does even work because most of the Ark is completely destroyed and also, the Air system on the Ark was broken so they would have to fix that too in case they wanted to use the Ark again…

So many questions, so little answers!


I hope you all tune into “The 100” in a few hours or that you watch it tomorrow, if you’re from Europe, like me!
May and I will keep you updated on our thoughts to season 4 and we’ll probably even write episode reviews! (I really enjoy to do that lately, I guess you can also see that on our blog!)

Thank you for reading and see you next time!


Red Queen – Book Review | Amy


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Hello everybody!


Today, we finally have another book review for you! On Sunday, I finished my first (complete) book of 2017 (it took me reeeally long to finish this one, I hope my next reads don’t take that long). I probably read so little because the copy of “Red Queen” i got is so impractial – it’s a paperback that has a really solid back, so it doesn’t like to stay open and closes at every occasion, so sometimes I even got cramps in my fingers by holding the book open! Maybe I shouldn’t have been stingy and bought the hardback copy… Well, next time I’ll know better. Continue reading